Pierre-Yves Cousteau was recently in Naxos and in Santorini.

In Naxos he visited the Axia Festival 2011 where the J. Cousteau Exhibition was presented and he received the memorial plaque to his father, Jacques-Yves, designed by Alex Reichardt from Fish & Olive Creations, in Chalki, Naxos.

The plaque was fixed in 7 m. depth on the south of Kamari, Santorini. He also inaugurated a “Cousteau Dive Centre” in Kamari.


Parosweb had a conversation with Pierre-Yves about the “Cousteau Divers”, a program intending to create a global community of divers which will become active agents of the study and protection of the oceans. We are very excited about collaborating with this new Community dedicated to the protection of the under-water environment, and will come back to this subject. You can read more about the programe at here

Parosweb asked Paris Kaklamanos who has been researching the issue of over-fishing… to submit a few questions to Pierre-Yves Cousteau. Read the following very interesting interview in Paros Community